Slipknot – band with great identity

Slipknot – band with great identity

Today we will talk about the famous musical group Slipknot. The main genre of the group is nu-metal, but their music is also referred to as alternative metal. A group was born in Des Moines, Iowa (USA). 1995 is considered the year of the band’s creation.

The main feature of the group is the masks. Their variety is amazing. They use them at almost every concert!

Albums and songs

There are 8 albums in the discography of the group. Most of all I like the album released in 2019 under the name “We Are Not Your Kind”. This is the newest album. It was released in 2019. The tracks of this album are permeated with notes of fun that cause a lot of emotions. It’s already the sixth album of the band. The songs were written for him for 2 years by the famous Shawn Crahan. Because of the long time some of the songs written were never released

Other albums released by the group:

  • “Mate.Feed.Kill.Repeat.”,
  • “Crowz”,
  • “Iowa”,
  • “Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses)”,
  • “All Hope Is Gone”,
  • “The Gray Chapter. “

I think the band’s coolest song is People = Shit. This is an old song that was released back in August 28, 2001. However, its urgency is not lost till now. It describes people who do not fit the hell into modern society!

We are what we are, we just waste and we ruin and we corrupt, and we destroy,“ so People=Shit basically because we are our own worst enemy, we are going to be the end of the earth and no one seems to give a shit.
– Shawn Crahan

In 2005, Slipknot won their first (and so far the only) Grammy Award in the “Best Metal Performance” category with their single “Before I Forget”! On December 5, 2006, the band released their third DVD, Voliminal: Inside The Nine.

Band members

Over the entire period, the group has repeatedly changed its composition. Now there are 8 people in the group. Among the participants it is worth highlighting: Sid Wilson, Jay Weinberg, Mick Thomson, Craig Jones, James Routh, Sean Crahan, Alessandro Venturella, Corey Taylor. Personally, it seems to me that it is Craig Jones who makes the group so outstanding due to its sexuality. It is also worth noting the contribution to the development of the group that the old members made. Among them, for example, Donnie Styles. Many experts recognize the exclusivity of his work. It was he who came up with the words for the legendary song “Psychosocial”. “Psychosocial” is the second single and fourth track from Slipknot’s fourth studio album, All Hope Is Gone Brandon Darner also deserves a mention.

The band recorded tracks under the label: “Roadrunner Records”.

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